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About me:A lil about my self huh? Hmmm well lets see , i like cheese sandwiches on hot summer days.... but i try to eat them fast so the cheese doesn't melt. Oh, and I don't believe in dinosaurs. Not because i believe in God the "creator", but because dinosaurs are too huge. I'd like to say i'm a nice person and i truly want to be. but when it comes down to it, i'm angry at the world for being so wrapped in ignorance and oppression that it makes me sick. I basically want to punch most people because most people are the victims of forces that they can't fight back against because they don't even know they are there. I come across as cocky or rude, but i'm really just sad. I'm sad for you and i'm sad for me because we are creating a world which will never be able to sustain our greed and consumption. If i had a gun i don't know who i would kill first...them or me
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Location:Landing, NJ
Birthday:August 1
Music means to me:Everything

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