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About me:Ultra-kind, obsessive/compulsive taper lost in Eastern Iowa. Constantly looking for some kind of kick ass, groovy music to record. I am looking for someone or several people to go to shows with. You can never have too many friends.
Member Since:April 26, 2005
Last Login:April 25, 2015
Location:Cedar Rapids, IA
Birthday:December 30
Music means to me:Live music is the core of my soul. Without it, I am nothing.
Schools:Benton Community High School - Kirkwood Comm. College - Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 125 Apprentiship Program (I actually graduated)
General Interests:If you want to trade some shows, look me up at I'm also interested in gunning down ticket brokers...does anybody ever remember the good ole days of ticket sales...when you paid face price and not 5x...cocksuckers!!!!
Other Distractions:I spend a large majority of my time with my beautiful, uber-spectactular, hippie apprentice wife Jessi, my little taper & step-daughter Jorja and my year old son Cameron...Taper Jr. Thanks to my wife, who allows me to miss many evenings and weekends fulfilling my extreme need for live tunage...
My rig consists of:
JW Mod'ed AKG 460b comb. CK61/CK63 caps, Neumann KM184's, Studio Projects C4's, or Behringer C-2's > Mic2496 > PDAudio CF > Ipaq 3835 or Oade ACM Marantz PMD660 & Oade ACM Marantz PMD661...way too many options!!!


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