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About me:i love travelling to shows, camping, except gas prices are way outta hand. I enjoy Colorado, Michigan, Wisconsin as my favorite camping destinations. I live in NW Indiana about 25 minutes from the city of Chicago. I can be there in 15 if I drive my Subaru like I stole it.... Also known as YDNA on lot and my space
Member Since:January 15, 2003
Last Login:January 3, 2014
Location:Highland, IN
Birthday:April 5
Music means to me:whats the pigskin means to NFL quarterbacks.
Schools:Purdue Univeristy, and currently out of work.
General Interests:Making $ legit. Starting several small business ventures. Meeting like minded, intelligent people to collaborate with.
Other Distractions:XBOX 360, women, 3 Floyds Beer, Reggae Nights at Meyers Castle on Thursdays.


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