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About me:I live in Michigan, go to school and work in a kitchen. I've played guitar for about six years. I'm into the jamband scene, and love live music of course.
Looking for fellow heads in Michigan to chill with.
Member Since:November 7, 2005
Last Login:May 28, 2012
Location:Wheat Ridge, CO
Birthday:February 21
Music means to me:Music is life. Not really, but it consumes most of my time, between creating and listening.
I can't get enough live MMW!
Schools:Flushing High School, Mott Community College (current)
General Interests:Snowboarding, guitar, kynd things, writing, reading, cruising around, wasting time on the internet
Other Distractions:Guy Ritchie films are cool, so are Tarentino films
JRR Tolkein books, Chuck Pahalniuk books, Hunter S. Thompson books


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