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Albany not so bad
Sat 2/16/2008 7:55PM
Albany the capital of the empire state home of the UA great danes and not a bad music scene. Im not referring to the music in which albany produces im referring to going to see live music. Generally a touring band that goes through the northeast will make a stop at the New York capital. Theres a venue for every type or size of band. We got The Egg, which is always a personal show, holding maybe 500 brings acts like DSO, YMSB, Derek Trucks and blues artists. Ah during intermission the large buildings and endless granite of empire state plaza is amazing and great views a very very cool place indeed.Then theres The Palace, ah where the larger known jam band headlines, aritists like Trey, moe., Gov't Mule, Widespread in the past always a good time, security does bust a little sack but if in the pit dont worry usually they cant see you. Then there is Revolution Hall right outside of Albany in Troy. Ugh this place ever since being voted the best place to see live music in the capital district has just been the opposite. I will give them that every spot in there is a good place to see the band. BUT security is absolutely rediculous, first of entering i was badgered by this douchebag who though my ID said i was 21 when in big red letters it said "UNDER 21" then between sets they were not letting anyone out to get fresh air unless you were 21, about 500 bodies emitting heat and you cant leave it was rediculous. THen during the concert securty pirched like spider monkeys ready to pounce if u were taking a video or lighting up. Acts include G. Love, Perpetual Groove, Umphreys, U-Melt, but dont get psyched generally 18+ or if your lucky 16+, great place to see the music bad place to experience the music. Then finally there is Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC). SPAC is the premier place in the capital region to go see a outdoor concert, like Allman Bros, Dave (UGH! 50$ tickets for lawn no shot), The Dead, Tom Petty?, This place is amazing its all good vibes, no worry about what your doin whether your with 2 of your friends or 20 friends in a big circle, theres a huge lawn to play frisbee ahh then the town of Saratoga is right there, amazing place, i encourage everyone to come and enjoy
YOnder of the beaten path
Sat 2/16/2008 7:48PM
ahh Yonder Mountain String Band, i have just purchased Mountain Tracks Vol. 3 and i am extremely pleased with it as i was with Volumes 1 and 2. I still have not seen them yet i would love too, im located in the albany area music scene, main venues being The Egg (where ive seen Dark Star Orchestra), Palace Theatre (where ive seen Widespread, Trey, Gov't Mule and hopefully moe.) and of course SPAC which is the outdoor venue located up in saratoga, about a halfhour drive. Back to YMSB ah i've heard of them playing the egg which is always a "personal" show if you will. They provide a feel of just pure music, music for themselves and the fans, ah a great quality. YMSB needs to make there way back to the northeast, always a good time up hear come on out