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The Warfield - Patti Smith / Patti Smith - The Warfield 10/20/08
Thu 10/23/2008 9:09PM
So…I went to see Patti Smith on Monday night at the “new” Warfield in San Francisco. This was the first time I’d been back since the “closing’ of the venue and I did not know WHAT to expect. Had they desecrated my sacred second home? Did they fuck with things they had no business fucking with? Did they fix things that needed to be fixed? I approached the front doors and I was thankful to see that the familiar old marquee was still in tact – a good sign (pun intended)! Outside and to my left, as I walked into the theater I noticed a big poster with a black-and-white photograph of a man’s back. He had a shaved head and was covered in tribal tattoos. The caption above him read, “The Warfield’s Back!” It reminded me of the famous “Jerry’s Back!” Fillmore poster from 1988, and since I was about to enter “The House That Jerry Built” this modern interpretation seemed quite fitting