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About me:I go to school in London, ON but I live in Vancouver BC.
I love sports and Im in the Squash and tennis varsity.
5'3", Hispanic.
Member Since:November 3, 2007
Last Login:November 3, 2007
Birthday:March 17
Music means to me:I love all kinds of music. Im not a fan of country or screamo music.
I enjoy from celtic music to my new discovered love for Indie music. R&B and rap and rock I like as well.
I like some punk too but i prefer Indie for sure.
I love Alicia Keys and Tegan and Sarah among many.
Schools:Currently in 2nd year at UWO in Kinesiology
General Interests:I enjoy photography and traveling and sleeping :P also enjoy good food.
Other Distractions:I love watching the show How I met your Mother.
I like watching movies and being on msn, facebook and having a good time with my friends.


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