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About me:I was cloned in a secret undersea base near Bermuda then raised by wolves in the Twilight Zone.
Member Since:October 19, 2008
Last Login:June 9, 2009
Location:Monessen, PA
Birthday:April 1
Music means to me:Music doth have charms to sooth the savage breast (not beast, though birds dig it and most dogs will sing for ya' if you'll play the harp for them). There's nothing like sharing some good live music with friends and strangers who really appreciate it. It's some of the stuff that heals the soul and makes sweet loam for society (a blessing in any form) to happen.
Schools:Ongoing graduate studies @ UFIA
General Interests:Pastafarianism, organic gardening, camping, hiking, website development.
Other Distractions:Muck Raking: v. The craft of turning horse shit into productive soil through the regular introduction of fresh air and sunshine.


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