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About me:I try to be happy all the time and never let anything get me down. If you see me at a show, i'll probably have fairy wings on.. I like meeting people so never be afraid to say HI! Oh and i love love love hugs!
Member Since:May 20, 2008
Last Login:December 8, 2010
Location:Pittsburgh, PA
Birthday:June 12
Music means to me:If i didnt have music my life would be pretty shitty. Theres nothing batter than to come home and jam the fuck out while world war 3 is going on around me..Nothing matters when theres music on my mind. Oh.. and its always on my mind.
Schools:I learn more and more every day. =)
General Interests:Discovering the wonders of Nature, sitting in trees, and feeding ducks.
Other Distractions:yeah, I am most definatly distracted! =D


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