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About me:Mmmm...I love to laugh! I feel my duty in this life is to entertain the lives of others. I try to keep myself surrounded by positive energy...
Member Since:June 20, 2006
Last Login:January 26, 2013
Location:Mountville, PA
Birthday:October 1
Music means to me:Music is my passion. I continueously have some sort playing at all times. I think music is the universal which anyone can communicate with it. I'd be lost without it...whether it be listening to it; playing it myself; or just dancin around to it. Music is my outlet...
General Interests:I really enjoy cooking, as well as feeding people... I also love going to shows; hiking; writing; camping; tossing the frisbee around; being outside; helping people; and learning.
Other Distractions:I really don't care too much for TV, unless Aqua Teen Hungerforce is on. Meatwad Rules!!! I really enjoy to read...Hunter S. Thompson is my favorite author; but anything that I can learn something from, I will read.


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