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About me:Just a Gabby. I live in Floyd, but it isn't really me. I love the arts and crafts, just not the cows. I love rock, metal, and techno... and some things in between. I am a dancer and i design clothes (nothing big though).
Member Since:July 3, 2006
Last Login:July 3, 2006
Location:Floyd, VA
Birthday:October 14
Music means to me:Music means very much. Music can help us escape to where we want to be or realize what we never want to end up as. Sometimes it is all we can relate to. It's always our best friend.
Schools:erm.. do i really have to relive this shyt?
General Interests:Music, dancing, philosopy, dreaming, love, fashion, reading, art, and all kinds of fun things.
Other Distractions:I am a Jim Hensen nut. I have recently been turned on to Smallville (i like the old comic books). My major distraction is dreaming and not actually doing what i want.


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