About me:the new GROUND ZERO is the 6th. all ages live original music venue we've opened in NH since 1996

with a 4000 sq. ft. layout , GROUND ZERO is completely set up to host small to medium bands of many different genres.

GROUND ZERO is our only all ages club still in operation , out of all six.

GROUND ZERO is funded out of pocket by its owners .
it is not affiliated with any Orgs., of any kind.

being funded out of pocket , makes it a bit hard for a strictly all ages ( no alcohol ) venue / teen center, to remain open for any extended amount of time.

we have been extremely blessed over the past 13 years , to have offered the youth of 4 different communities throughout NH, this positive music filled environment , which GROUND ZERO is today.

we take a bit of pride in the fact that we stay away from booking bands that promote negative things such as suicide , hate , violence , drug and alcohol abuse , etc....

we actually take quite a bit of time reading every single bands lyrics before they are even asked to perform at GROUND ZERO.

in this , GROUND ZERO is unique ,
if you want to write & promote negative themes in your music , there are a zillion places you can have a grand old time doing so , likewise if you enjoy listenting to that type of stuff , there is a great abundance of venues promoting and making a killing off of it , so you can find whatever it is you like all around.

but if you are indeed interested in listening & watching music , that at the very least, promotes some sort of positive influence in your life,
we hope that you will support us as we support the local music scene.

contrary to what some might conclude , GROUND ZERO is not a " christian music venue " , we book positive non christian bands , along side great christian bands all the time.
GROUND ZERO is a " neutral venue ", and that is exactly what we have always been .

you won't find bibles laid out anywhere , nor will you see any type of altar calls to the stage.
but what you will find are, a couple of caring people , who feel it is thier calling to provide a positive environment for the youth of our NH communities.

if you are not a christian , you will not feel out of place at GROUND ZERO that’s for sure , with all of the crazy graffiti on the walls , the extreme loud music, and a ton of kids ranging in age from 12 - around 18 , GROUND ZERO is quite the place to be in Suncook NH on any given weekend, we might even venture to say it is the only place to be if you are under age.

However if you are “a believer”, and you feel God leading you to hang out here to be an example of who Christ is in your life, by all means you are welcome here as well.

just don't come expecting GROUND ZERO to be some sort of christian cliche type of hangout , where only christian people interact , because it is quite the opposite.
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