About me:Married, have 2 great kids. I live in Chicago, a great place to live for all kinds of music. Its the home of the BLUES.
Member Since:May 17, 2007
Last Login:July 6, 2009
Location:Chicago, IL
Birthday:November 15
Music means to me:I love The Blues.. especially live Blues. I collect and archive live music of all types, especially the BLUES (email me if you want to trade some live blues)
Rcok N' roll, jazz, GD, JGB, all make the soul dance.

"If I have to choose between my woman and the Blues... I am gunna miss that gal..!!!"
General Interests:My kids, the BLUES, all live music, recording and collecting live music, The Cubs, Bears & the Bulls.
Other Distractions:Politics.. Law & Order... Photography...