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About me:I live in the woods and sift through archives of music. Working on learning Reason4 and having fun with it. Do as many shows as possible. I like feelgood music. I'm a pretty deep person I guess, I think so much I can't sleep at night. Talk to me and help take some things off my mind!!
Member Since:July 31, 2006
Last Login:August 27, 2013
Location:Egg Harbor City, NJ
Birthday:September 27
Music means to me:Lotus. flea market record crates, radio magic, summertime night sounds, oceansounds, heartbeats, the wind, Miles Davis, Zappa guitar solos, drums, drones, dreamwaves... Music is God.
Schools:Gary Snyder, trails, the streets.
General Interests:nature, culture, Indian myths , poorman's luxury, kayaks, arts, dancin', teepees, outside life, tasty exotic food. I'm interested in a lot more shit than I could fit into this little box. Religious texts and radio shows are fucking awesome.
Other Distractions:Adult Swim, music blogs, ridiculous beats, some girl.


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