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Pronunciation: \'fre-?ranj-'stat\

: A condition, circumstance or mode of organic structure, growth, or development that ranges forth without enclosure or defined confines; also : of, relating to, or producing or : and
Member Since:December 8, 2008
Last Login:July 22, 2011
Location:Austin, TX
Birthday:June 26
Music means to me:We subscribe to the notion that like music and art, management is a truly collaborative process. Professional experience, knowledge and goals are essential but without honesty, open communication and trust you might as well be blindly handing over the reigns to your music, career and future. When you have the liberty to express, digress and consider those things, which are most important without constraint, you truly are Free.
Schools:Understanding and activating the ever-changing tools of modern promotion means never becoming complacent in how one thinks or pursues goals. When looking ahead, having a firm grip on the past helps relate to the present. But, in a world where ideas and technologies are deemed obsolete moments after being released being ahead of the curve counts more than ever.
General Interests:With coast-to-coast experience, a network of seasoned music and production professionals and unique one on one services we are able to customize a FRS artist package to fit any needs. From turnkey management, to a la carte promotion we work with our artist to develop the tools and solutions needed to connect with their fans and grow their careers.
Other Distractions:Nationally Booking, Websites Design & Copy , Social Networking Sites Styling & Copy, Creative Web 2.0 Content, Viral Video Campaigns, Blogs, Grassroots Promotions, Professional Video Production and Post, Regional Show Promotion and much much more…


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