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About me:Music Monster - 'fraid it's an addiction. But I try to combine it with other obsessions, like cycling (road and mountain biking).

JazzFest in New Orleans is a must every year in spring ... now that's more fun and music than a music lover can almost TAKE. Plus we get to cycle everywhere...yay!

Cooking great food, reading incessantly and as many movies as I can see, leaves me with, well...time to earn a living, and I wish I could earn a living in any of these fields.
Member Since:July 1, 2009
Last Login:February 5, 2010
Location:Wayne, PA
Birthday:May 25
Music means to me:People who love music (like me) can tell their entire life story through music, from childhood to the present. I have a favorite phrase that I call out to one of my best friends when we're cycling and listening to the same tunes when one of those truly 'sacred' songs comes on (like Petty's 'Free Fallin' or InXess 'Elegantly Wasted', or Ryan Bingham 'Hard Times'), and I call out 'FUNERAL SONG!' meaning, this should be played at my funeral.
Schools:University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
General Interests:Good books - mostly non-fiction, but good fiction too
Movies - violence and 'nasty' not so much, although 'The Departed' was close to perfect it was so good.
Travel - to anywhere, US, Amazon, Brazil, London, Athens, and ALWAYS New Orleans in spring for JazzFest.
Other Distractions:Just plain being outside. Skiing is particularly good. I'm politically distracted a lot, and I do lean left. Maybe someday we won't be at war, but it seems like never right now...


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