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About me:I am Frances..born in Holtville, raised in AZ since I was 5...Love music..writing..reading ...going to church...hanging with loved ones...meeting new to the movies...watching MMA!!!
Member Since:April 29, 2009
Last Login:May 5, 2009
Location:Somerton, AZ
Birthday:December 14
Music means to me:I LOVE LOVE LOVE HIP HOP!! It's my's my's my new Real stuff though..I will admit I used to be one of those girls who nevedr really listened to the words..if it had a beat I could shake what my momma gave me I played it..until one day a great teacher and lover of the music opened my eyes and EARS to the true meaning of's application to our it can be about love..our love..about life..our lives..pain, loss, happiness and the rest of life's mysteries. From that day forward Hip Hop has been there to see me through good times and encourage and animate me. Thank you to all the REAL HIP HOP artists! Thank you Mic.
Schools:ummm..whats school??? School of Rock?
General Interests:Being Happy, Healthy and in love.
Other Distractions:EBAY!!!! Someone please intervene.


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