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About me:I'm a full service production company that represents William P. Gerardino, a musician and performer in the greater California area. I'm available for jobs in many venues: private parties, restaurants, coffee houses, bars, etc. I also do work as a session musician for hire.
Member Since:January 3, 2007
Last Login:January 3, 2007
Location:Modesto, CA
Birthday:August 14
Music means to me:It is both an aesthetic pursuit that is a business as well. It is the opportunity to inform and entertain. It is about humor and it is about core human emotions. It is part of a world of interconnecting and interpersonal experience that provides opportunity for self-actualization
Schools:CSU Stanislaus, StonyBrook at New York, Suffolk County Community College
General Interests:Music, Theatre, Education
Other Distractions:Varies. I have a degree in English and Philosophy which means I tend to read all sorts of material.


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