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About me:My name is Jessica nd i live in Naples FL.. Boring little beach town turned tourist central :/ which sux! ill be a freshman at FGCU in the fall nd i LOVE MUSIC ..

hit me up..
Member Since:April 26, 2007
Last Login:January 25, 2008
Location:Naples, FL
Birthday:September 24
Music means to me:music is really important in my life .. its not just listening to music, its being in a state of mind.. its my drug of choice..on most days ;) its that pick me up on a bad day.. that feeling of euphoria when you hear your jam ...
Schools:Naples High School, Florida Gulf Coast University
General Interests:family × friends × music × partylife 24/7
Other Distractions:dased and confused, super troopers, waynes world 1 nd 2, THAT 70s SHOW, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Family Guy, FUTURAMA......I ×3 A°§!!


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