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About me:Down to Earth skateboarder (longboards) and general hippy. Love the outdoors and the beach. I'm all about reggae, jam, funk, hip hop, classic rock, and old school soul.
Member Since:September 28, 2003
Last Login:May 16, 2015
Location:Saint Petersburg, FL
Birthday:March 6
Music means to me:Music is everything, it is the influence from and for the World.
Schools:Full Sail
General Interests:Skateboarding, surfing, outdoors, camping, music festivals, the beach, playing music, recording music, film, and travelling.
Other Distractions:Almost Famous, Dazed and Confused, Braveheart, Grandma's Boy, King Arthur, The Salton Sea, That 70's Show, Rescue Me, and Led Zeppelin DVDs.


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