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About me:I founded a production last April Fools Day called Foolish Productions. I am currently working on finding sponsors to fund my project entitled 'Off the Road and On the Couch' 'Head Your Head and Bare Your Soul' where we travel around to Festivals across the country. Its a kind of talk show documentary meets Hippies Gone Wild. I am going to New Orelans soon to film the pilot during Mardi Gras. Anyone want to meet up and get on 'the Couch' it's open invitation. Just let me know your coming
Member Since:January 26, 2010
Last Login:February 5, 2010
Location:Kissimmee, FL
Birthday:May 24
Music means to me:Is an Essential part of my life without it I feel like dying!!
General Interests:Music and Film Production and Promotions
Other Distractions:Music Festivals


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