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Jackie Greene | Anthology, San Diego | 8/29/08
Wed 9/3/2008 10:09PM
To paraphrase his own words, playing at Anthology was the weirdest place Jackie has played to date.  Maybe it was the sold out crowd peacefully sitting down to a white table cloth dinner, ordering wine in their dress code appropriate attire.  Or maybe it was that, other than a particularly raucous table in the back, no one seemed to know who they were watching.  Either way, by the end, fan and newcomer alike were on their feet begging for more.

Greene has built up a solid musical repertoire a quite a young age.  At just 27, he has seven solo albums, another with The Skinny Singers (his three-man side project), he has appeared on Late Night with Connan O’brien on more than one occasion, and maybe most significantly he toured with Phil Lesh and Friends as a newly indoctrinated “Friend” during the 2007 summer.  His music defies easy categorization, steeped in blues, country, folk and rock.  The New York Times even went so far as to dub him “The Prince of Americana” after writer Jon Pareles saw Jackie perform day 4 of the Bonnaroo music festival two years ago. 

On Friday night for the “wine show” (the band’s characterization of the night), looking like a young Bob Dylan, Jackie put his musical diversity on display.  Mostly playing songs off his new album, “Giving up the Ghost” Jackie was seen on both rhythm and lead guitar, behind a grand piano, and rocking out on an organ.  Though his skills on these instruments are impressive elements of his immense talent, he may well be best known for his song writing.  His lyrics are both simple and complex, while daring to be both at the same time.  He let the audience in on this paradox with the simple “Another Love Gone Bad” and the purposely deep “Don’t Let the Devil Take Your Mind” – a song reminiscent of Steve Earl in his prime.  The night also saw his hits “Shaken” and “Like a Ball and Chain”, but perhaps the most celebrated song of the night wasn’t one that he had written.  Instead it was a song he perfected while on the road with Phil Lesh, “New Speedway Boogie”. 

Despite the expensive ambiance, Jackie Greene, who has almost perfected the wife beater look, brought rock to the tablecloth.  In front of an unlikely audience, he demonstrated that if you haven’t heard of him yet, then you are just plain missing out.  And though the young man who grew up in a little town just outside Sacramento may still be looking to hit stardom, those who have seen his performance, know it is just a matter of time.  And Friday night in San Diego was just another stepping stone to this inevitable future.
Stone Temple Pilots | San Diego, CA | 7-27-08
Wed 7/30/2008 10:30PM
On Sunday, July 27th the Stone Temple Pilots reunion tour brought the band back to their roots, San Diego, California. For nearly 2 hours fans were reminded that this was once, in Scott Weiland’s words, “the greatest fucking rock n’ roll band in the world”. Though this statement would be hard to debate in their prime, one thing is for certain, until STP can put a leash on their infamous frontman, they may never return to their former glory… there just may not be enough time.

With an epic marquee that posted the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Wolfmother, and featured STP, fans that braved the $50 general admission ticket were rewarded for their investment and perseverance. An estimated 5,000 people gathered on the green at Qualcomm Stadium @ Jack Murphy Field hoping to hear their favorite songs. Put a checkmark in that column. The set list included favorites like, “Plush”, “Wicked Garden”, “Interstate Love Song”, “Crackerman”, “Sex Type Thing” and not to be overlooked, the megaphone classic “Dead and Bloated”.

So we had the band we all wanted to see. We had the original lineup all together on stage for the first time in 7 years. We were in the city where the band originally built their fan base playing local strip clubs. We even had the songs we wanted to hear… so why were people seen leaving early? Weiland.

The erratic behavior has long been chronicled, as have the breakups of his former bands (Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver). When he is on, Scott Weiland is likely the best frontman in the modern rock age. His flamboyant presence and dynamic vocals have proven to captivate an audience for over two decades. However, when he is off, the band doesn’t seem to have the same energy that inspires fans to bleed their wallets for a night of legendary rock. San Diego experienced the later on Sunday night.

Look, I don’t know what happened. I don’t know if Scott strained his voice rocking out the Greek Theatre on Friday night. I don’t know if he was coming down with a cold. And I’m certainly not saying that there was any inappropriate behavior. All I am saying is that it was obvious that his voice was hurting right off the bat.

The good news was the rest of the band wrote the music to those songs. Guitarist Dean DeLeo, bassist Robert DeLeo and drummer Erik Kretz were in full effect. The better news was that Weiland pulled it together by the end, and for those of us that showed the perseverance to rock, we were rewarded with something special. I obviously feel that Weiland wasn’t all he could be, but time was on our side. Starting with “Dead and Bloated” the band seemed to hit their stride. Weiland’s voice had loosened up and the rock was flowing. By the end of the show we all wanted more. The place had erupted with energy.

It’s entirely unlikely that this go round is going to be any different for the band. And it’s likely only a matter of time before news leaks to the press about some sordid affair. My advice to you: go see STP while you can. They have the music and they have the talent … and when they are on, it is truly one of the greatest rock n’ roll shows out there.

--Will Bavinger

Will Bavinger can be reached at

Drive-By Truckers | Belly Up -Solana Beach, CA | June 20, 2008
Wed 6/25/2008 9:51PM

Drive-By Truckers | Belly Up -Solana Beach, CA | June 20, 2008

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