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About me:I'm a writer and a musician, which puts me somewhere in between starving and insane.
Member Since:October 1, 2007
Last Login:September 19, 2008
Location:Pompano Beach, FL
Birthday:December 1
Music means to me:Music is my only way of life. It's shaped so many experiences and given me such an amazing ride. To be able to play, appreciate, and then write about it for others to read is my way in this world. So, Thank you Music.
Schools:There's a Philosophy degree and a couple others in there but life has been my best education.
General Interests:music reviewing, writing the next great controversial novel, my Taylor 910 acoustic, the mandolin, and all else that life brings my way.
Other Distractions:No distractions, only goodness. The world is my oyster.


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