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About me:former porn star turned rocker. I invented the "donkey punch"!
proud owner of a 12 inch dong!
Member Since:July 26, 2008
Last Login:March 3, 2011
Location:Holder, FL
Birthday:January 26
Music means to me:first off gandrewd can suck my fucking nuts! flame on gandrewd, you fucking tool!
getting laid and getting paid!
playing for free is super ghey!
If your in a band and your main goal is to play for free, your super flaming!
- please feel free to be super flaming and copy and paste this into fourm discussions and comments like serveral douches (gandrewd) have already done. makes me laugh. They use my feelings on getting rewarded for hard work as "cannon fodder" in discussions that have nothing to do with it. super flaming! gandrewd, thanks for being such a "mainstream" tool. emo avatars - super ghey!
Schools:i got schooled yo!
General Interests:long walks on the beach...holding hands....candlelit dinners...whispering sweet nothings
Other Distractions:masterbation!