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About me:Still trying to figure this out for myself, but so far I am an individual that is intrigued by human connection and reaction. The world and people that populate it both fascinate and frustrate me at the same time. For this reason, I have become an explorer of history.
Member Since:September 17, 2004
Last Login:July 2, 2013
Location:Myrtle Beach, SC
Birthday:January 29
Music means to me:pure emotion, and my everything
Schools:Coastal Carolina
General Interests:Going to shows, camping, gardening, sewing, food, skiing(snow/water), hiking, golf, and exploring new places with the love of my life.
Other Distractions:Its really to hard to list favorites, so to sum it up: Movies - anything that makes me laugh, cry, or leaves me puzzled; TV - my tv is usually on the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, Bravo, Comedy Central, or Food Network; Books - Again really to many, but I prefer non-fiction.


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