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About me:Just meandering down this path through life. I used to be crazy, fucked up, an emotional mess. But I have pulled myself up out of the rut I was in and have reawakened to the beauty of living. In a constant state of self improvement. Always eager to learn. I am constantly reading. I am always open to suggestions regarding music, movies, art, poems, essays, and books. I love broadening my horizons. I no longer believe in coincidences. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that every person I meet along my journey has something to teach me and/or something to learn from me. I am restless. I know there is more to life than what we perceive with our eyes and I am on a persistent mission to discover what it is.
Member Since:December 4, 2007
Last Login:July 27, 2014
Location:Oxford, MA
Birthday:February 17
Music means to me:Expression, Creativity, Indulgence, Memories, Comfort, A balm for the wounds, A common thread that binds us all together. But most importantly I believe that music is spiritual. That it connects us to our source. That it holds within its notes something that we have lost sight of since human life began.
Schools:Hubbardston Center Elementary, Quabbin Regional Middle/High School, Oxford High, Douglas High, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, Quinsigamond Community College
General Interests:Spirituality, Philosophy, Psychology, Art in any of its various forms, Childhood, Psychedelia, Subcultures, World Religions
Other Distractions:Deep Conversation, Meditation, Dreams, Friends, Books, Music, Hiking, Camping, Festies, Painting, Bubbles, Sidewalk Chalk, Coloring Books, Playdough, Costumes, Photography/Modeling, Daydreaming


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