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About me:"It seems suggested that our evolution, I suppose, from the animal kingdom into the human kingdom itself was catalyzed, or triggered by our encounter with these hallucinogenics, and....
Yes, we are an ape with a symbiotic relationship to a mushroom, and that has given us self reflection, language, religion and all the spectrum of effects that flow from these things...
And one can only wonder how these hallucinogenics might effect our future evolution as well...
They have brought us to this point, and as we make our relationship to them concious, we may be able to take control of our future evolutionary path...

Hallucinogenic chemicals have had an enormous impact on shaping various cultures pre-literate and literate... there is definitely some kind of..."

--MuDvAyNe "Monolith
Member Since:February 3, 2008
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Location:Beaumont, TX
Birthday:December 24
Music means to me:art is my god, music is my religion.
-Otep Shamaya
Schools:Education...has nothing to do with intelligence.
General Interests:hugh downs, the independent republic of the congo, faygo(fuck mountain dew), billy wiggins, envelopes, chester a. authur, kriss kross, the drummer from def leppard, the family feud host, ray combs, that killed himself, wally cleaver, charles manson, StarScream from the transformers, the entire cast and crew of silver spoons, ed gein, estelle getty, the crimson king, scott baio, kubla khan, smallpox, and to the kindred soul-i know not your name-who invented the spatula, thank you, from the very bottom of my soul
Other Distractions:I'm in the mouth of madness, with this tongue of poetry.
I ate the spine of atlas, now the world is crushing me.


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