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About me:I enjoy being lost. I have no idea where I stand or where I'm going and it is the most emancipating thing. Just floating through life, looking for a soft spot to land. I figure the wind would know better than I would. I just follow the music, without it I wouldn't be sane. Crazy on the other side of the track. Other than that, I say just fuck it, and love life and it will love you back.
Member Since:January 6, 2011
Last Login:June 12, 2015
Location:Boulder, CO
Birthday:October 4
Music means to me:Everything. Music is the sound your soul would make. It is a powerful as any weapon, loving as any mother, and as real as anything you can touch. It is for the times when you don't know what else to think. Music can take you places you've never been, both physically and spiritually.
Schools:nothin good unfortunately...
General Interests:Food, art, photography, football, strategy, psychedelics, spaaaaaaaaaaaaace...inner and outer!
Other Distractions:books, video games


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