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About me:Carbon-based protoplasmic organism. I dig shows. I dig music. I dig literature, and all that vast pathos of things associated. be easy.
Member Since:August 28, 2008
Last Login:December 6, 2010
Location:Chester, VA
Birthday:September 18
Music means to me:What a thing to ask. Music means to me what it means to everyone else who has been usurped by it's power; it means harmony and it means peace. It means anything you want it to and it means nothing at all at the same time. Music is the objective soul of mankind, son. Its what makes us smile, more than any sunshine, more than any woman or man.
Schools:Tryin' to find my way into gettin' some sort of English degree.
General Interests:I'm interested in philosophy, philology, sociology, gonzo journalism, hysterical nonsense, Dadaism, the Occult, enigmas, political science, Atheism, Nietzscheanism, Aleister Crowley, gettin' the fuck down whenever it is possible, and trying to see as many shows as I can possibly do.
Other Distractions:Anything and everything somewhat creative.


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Tue 1/6/2009 12:45PM
Like a perpetually burgeoning wind as the fallout from hitherto genius. An electric hurricane; it penetrates into one's being -- something wholeheartedly positive but at the same time ferociouisly contageous. It's the quentessintial hedonism of tunes. It's an onslaught of sheer fusion; Dionysian potential espoused as near-immaculate improvisations