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About me:Age 20, live music aficianado (well, obviously, since I'm here :P), second generation deadhead, horseback rider (barrel racing), always ridiculously happy and content with life, superchill, always busy, feminist, bisexual/queer, ridiculously socially liberal, agnostic, perpetually fascinated by human nature, follower of ekoostik hookah
Member Since:June 3, 2010
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Location:Houston, TX
Birthday:January 5
Music means to me:Music begets family
Schools:Rice University 2012 - Biochemistry and Cell Biology
General Interests:Horses, Rodeo, Barrel Racing, Feminism, Queer theory, science, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, biology, physics, trombone


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All Good Festival 2010
Wed 7/28/2010 3:08PM
OMG I had SUCH a blast!!! It was so awesome to finally see Railroad Earth, Furthur and Panic were of course amazing, Tea Leaf Green was superb, Yonder was SO much fun, I'd never heard The