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Member Since:March 4, 2007
Last Login:August 5, 2009
Location:Holbrook, NY
Birthday:October 10
Schools:Suny Farmingdale, School of Visual Arts,
General Interests:Used to paint, used to draw. Used to be in a band, used to write and record songs with the occassional flare up of activity seemingly (and thankfully) just around the corner. Oh I still doodle and I may bang away on the guitar here and there.
Of course it's not all about creating and the subsequent lack thereof so here are some more things I can consider myself as being defined by, however so loosely. (I don't imagine anyone to have gotten this far into my "General interests" but whatever).
-libation (beer and some red wine)
-used to like to ride my bike in Brooklyn but with a bad knee and living on Long Island not happening too much
-computers (not programs so much but the physical side of building and reading about
Other Distractions:-probably watch to much tv but basically I dont watch any "shows". I tend to watch sports and news by default. Kind of belies my artistic ethos but again... whatever.

Favorite team: The Mets, Knicks, Giants, Rangers in that order.


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