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About me:I just moved back to Maryland from San Diego a year and a half ago and need to find some chill hip people to hang with. I'm a very chill and laid back 32 year old SWM Deadhead that has been on tour doing east and some years west coast tours and festivals since 1991.
Here is a link to my Facebook profile www.facebook.com/people/Jeff-Scalio/734032198 any chill, laid back hip girls or guys from the Baltimore/Glen Burnie area come and hit me up so we can hang, play guitar, and go to shows
Member Since:May 20, 2010
Last Login:May 23, 2010
Location:Glen Burnie, MD
Birthday:January 20
Music means to me:Music is my life! It's spiritual and defining. I play guitar I write songs and poetry and I have a collection of over 600 Artists together make up over 7000 songs in my music collection and I have every CD and DVD the Grateful Dead, The Dead, Ratdog, & Phil & Friends has ever released including all the Munckmusic live show recordings. The Dead is my fav. but I like music from just about every genre from the 50's bluegrass to today's jammed out eclectic mix. I couldn't live without music!
Schools:I was there between tours
General Interests:Meeting a cool, hip, & down to earth Deadhead girl for friends or a possible relationship. I'd also like to meet some cool, hip Deadhead and/or Jam Band friends guys and/or girls to hang with play guitar and go to shows with. I love all things outdoors. Camping, hiking, traveling, sky diving,, base jumping, skateboarding, surfing when I'm living in Cali. anyway, playing guitar, writing music & poetry, photography, & art. I'm a I'll do anything type of guy. Happy with just livin'.... Nothing Left To Do But Smile, Smile, Smile
Other Distractions:The so called normal life and responsibilities


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A Social Network Group For Baltimore Area Deadheads & Jam Band Fans To Get Together
Fri 5/21/2010 10:31PM
Baltimore Area Deadheads A social network group on Facebook for Baltimore area Deadheads and/or Jam Band fans to chat, meet, and share your story's, pic's and vid's. Please only people from the Baltimore and surrounding areas so we can possibly make some new hip friends that live in the same area to hang with and go to shows with. Just a really good place to find some kindred spirits. To find the group just do a search on Facebook for Baltimore Area Deadheads