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About me:Elijah began singing and performing from a child living in Kingston, Jamaica. He moved to the US, and began performing as a DJ in the Bronx, and eventually stepped it up to singing for the the Tri-State reggae group Dub Squad. After a 4 year leave with the United States Marine Corps, He moved to Hawaii and started Chilum - one of Hawaii's top reggae groups. The work with Chilum produced the 2000 release of Furthermore(MS9005) on the Moon Surfer Production lable.

Elijah, now makes his base in New York City. In 2005 he started the group Smoke. In 2007 Elijah steps out for the first time on his own. Backed by The Unifyah Band, he is currently working on his first solo effort. He has also done radio commercials for Toyota, Comcast, Adelphi, Reggae Sunsplash, and television spots for Pizza Hut. Elijah works out of his personal studio (Medamedia Studio) creating music for television, radio, and of course his various music interest.
Member Since:August 21, 2010
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Location:Bronx, NY
Birthday:December 19
General Interests:Reggae, Dancehall, Dub, Rock Steady, Ska, Mento, R&B, Hip Hop,
Other Distractions:Gadgets, Tech, Audio


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