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About me:Hello!
I'm Elie7,but PLEASE call me Elie.
I'm a girl,shooking isn't it?I Live in the U.S.,and I am very very Short.Yes,I know it's sad...
I wouldn't say I'm a crazed Jonas Brothers Fan,just a Really really really really Addicted Fan....
Member Since:August 24, 2007
Last Login:January 30, 2008
Location:Pittsburgh, PA
Birthday:July 19
Music means to me:Music is EVERYTHING!!!I LOVE music!!If we didn't have Music,I'd be DEAD.
General Interests:Ice Hockey,Cheerleading,Dancing,Baseball,BasketBall,MUSIC,Soft Ball,Soccer,Football,Swimming,Jonas Brothers,and Sidney Crosby.
Other Distractions:Anime,Music,TV,The Beach,Computers,Jonas Brothers,and The Color.....Red!!!