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About me:been seeing shows since I was seven,I'm well over 30 now and see no end in sight.
Member Since:February 5, 2007
Last Login:June 3, 2011
Location:Dillon, CO
Birthday:March 23
Music means to me:Shows are my form of church. A time when I can free my mind and body of the constraints of the material world. a meditative period I can use to increase my vibration and the vibes of those around me. A moment of magic where visualzation and positive thought can create whateverr you need. A conversation without words in which all races can commune with one another. In conclusion the reason to keep going period
Schools:I spent a little time on the mountain I spent a little time on the hill
General Interests:music, deep thinking, converstions till dawn, blah, blah, blah
Other Distractions:whose distrac...


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