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About me:My name is Devon. I'm from West Dundee in the suburbs of Chicago. I love music, I'm a drummer in a band called Playpause, and all i need in this world is the love of my [Rage] Krew. SUMMER CAMP 2009!!!!
Member Since:May 4, 2009
Last Login:January 14, 2013
Location:Chicago, IL
Birthday:October 12
Music means to me:Music has been one of the biggest parts of my life since i was born. My dad was a drummer in a rock band as he was growing up and he helped me become the drummer I am today. My band Playpause is heavily influenced by most of the bands that im tracking here on Jambase. If I didnt have my music, then I wouldnt be me anymore.
Schools:I go to Dundee Crown High School as of right now, but i will be graduating this year and leaving to UIC in the fall. HIT ME UP ANYONE GOING TO UIC!!!
General Interests:math, meeting new people, jamming, experiencing new things, raging, dancing


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