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About me:From their humble beginning in the Music Department at Humboldt State University, The Dukes of Ted have blossomed into one of the most energetic and dynamic new dance bands on the touring scene. These four young musicians, along with their dog, "The Dude," decided to step out into the world and live their dream of universal exploration though music. They began booking their own tours, bought a 1963 GMC school bus, and have never looked back. They have now toured successfully in seven states in their first six months on the road leaving thousands of mystified listeners in their wake. From their roots in Rock n' Roll, Funk, Jazz and World Music, the Dukes have cultivated an original sound; consisting of detailed and sophisticated compositions coupled with intense, passionate improvisation. With plans for a new and improved sound and light system the Dukes continue to explore new heights with their audio-visual presentation.
Member Since:February 22, 2005
Last Login:September 19, 2007
Location:Boulder, CO
Music means to me:LIFE!!!!!


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