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About me:im 22 now? and over past year er so ive been getting into jam bands and found such a quality and unique style of music and the crowd that follows them. i love phish and got to see them 2 nights in cincy which was amazing. also got to see STS9 on my bday this year which was lota fun. into the biscuits, phish, SCI and listenin to all diff sounds.
Member Since:November 23, 2009
Last Login:December 13, 2011
Location:Vandalia, OH
Birthday:October 15
Music means to me:its a feeling and a movement and an experience to see and hear good music. it def has become a passion
General Interests:jus excited to get into the scene and try and see and hear as many groups as possible. tryin to see eoto in cincy on the 6th
Other Distractions:not listening to music...


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