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About me:The name DropTone represents not only a hard rock quartet based in Canton, Ohio, but a commitment to providing an uncompromised raw and shimmering rareity of in your face rock and roll. The music represents the ambitious and driven spirit of music that lives in each member's heart and is served to your ears in crisp and intensified sound waves. It is the music that lives in everyone who survives on funk, soul, metal, jazz, rock, or R&B. It is the creation of all genres of music that envelope into this all inclusive sustained sound of petrified eminence.

Drop is to take somebody or something to a place, and leave the person or thing there; to allow something to fall; to abandon a plan or course of action; to unload something. Tone is a sound with a particular quality; the way somebody says something as an indicator of what that person is feeling or thinking; the general quality or character of something as an indicator of the attitude or view of the person who produced it; a sound, especially one produced by a machine; the quality of a sound that makes it distinctive to a particular source; any of the possible shades of a particular color;

DropTone is Buck Miller on Drums, Derek Wilson on Guitar, Geno Paulin on Bass, and Kenneth Scott - Vocals.
Member Since:June 9, 2007
Last Login:July 27, 2007
Location:Akron, OH
Birthday:June 19
Music means to me:Whatever I feel at the time.
Schools:Kent State University
General Interests:Music
Other Distractions:Work


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