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About me:im 21, live in SC and a student at USC majoring in psychology... i hate rap sum is okay but most is gay and unintellegent let alone untalented..i learned how to rhyme in 1st grade im sure if i practiced at it i could be a rapper too!. im a very open minded person and i LOVE music! good music that is. and im perhaps the coolest chick i know...Originally from NY!!! GO YANKEES
Member Since:April 30, 2009
Last Login:December 23, 2009
Location:Florence, SC
Birthday:February 5
Music means to me:music means everything to me...u could be having a shittie day and listen to sum great tunes that lift ur mood in a more positive way
Schools:University of South Carolina
General Interests:Soccer and hockey are my sports ive played soccer since age 3. fuck football and fuck baseball. i love playing my guitar and making up funny songs. love anything outdoors whether its hiking or canoeing.
Other Distractions:going to shows especially WSP shows been to way too many of those and doing stupid but funny ass shit...too hyper for my own good...and i love painting esp making hemp necklaces. art fascinates me esp. wit a dose or 2 in my system :-)


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Thu 4/30/2009 3:30PM
Widespread panic and the allman brother Oct.3rd and 4th in charlotte,nc ALRDY GOT MY TICKETS YAAAAAA