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About me:I'm originaly from the mid-west from Southern Wisconsin. I now live in Colorado although I have lived in a few diff. states such as WI., IL., OH., KY., NC., VA., CO., WY., and NM.. I am kinda a shy ferson when i first meet people but warm up to the right ones.
Member Since:March 28, 2005
Last Login:May 17, 2007
Location:Bailey, CO
Birthday:July 9
Music means to me:means everything to me, probably my fav. thing in the world is my love for great music!!
Schools:Parker High School in Janesville Wisconsin.,
Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood Colorado.
General Interests:Love the outdoors like camping and hiking. Love my pets and wildlife as well as traveling the country. I love music, anything with Jerry Garcia in it and lots of bluegrass and reggae. I also love to hit up rainbow gatherings.
Other Distractions:my fav. author is probably Jack Kerouak. and for T.V. I like horror movies and comedies, and i watch adult swim here and there if it's late and cant seem to sleep.


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