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About me:I am a rather low key person, I am a laid back go with the flow guy.

I love to just hang out and listen to music, go throw a round of disc golf, go camping, hiking, and well just about anything I can do outdoors.

This whole 'when I grow up' jumble keeps coming up and frankly it is annoying. I am in school right now. But the closer I get to graduation the more I realise that I am more than likely not even going to use my degree... I have become content with the idea that I might just survive as a starving artist, until my time comes. I express myself in many forms of art such as writing, poetry, photography, music, and paint.

I love to have fun no matter the occation and I am always one to innitiate the crazy shanannagans. I love meeting new people and getting to know as many as I can.
Member Since:March 8, 2007
Last Login:April 26, 2008
Location:Edmond, OK
Birthday:August 7
Music means to me:Music means Life...
Schools:University of Central Oklahoma
General Interests:Shows, Music, Having a good time no matter what.


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