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About me:Since 1996 mixing everything from bone shakin Breaks, jaw dropping Drum & Bass,and body thumpin Funky & Elektro House. The last several years pioneering Dubstep, and smashing yer chest plates accross dancefloors throughout the land. DownNgoinG has been detonating the underground sound consitently for over 14 years. If you have seen him perform in front of a live crowd you know his music & vibes are bursting with tons of bass & positive energy always encompassed by unique cuts, scratching and precise musical accents. There is a definitive sound that is recognizable when DnG takes the decks, his skills command respect for the vinyl format which has opened paralell dimensions for friends & networks of like mind. DownNgoinG is a highly skilled and competitive DJ with mind-warping deep mixing and tablism ability. Years of playing out has made him highly atuned to relentlessly drop basslines and keep the bodies moving and the B-Boys breakin beyond the brink of insanity. Hes continually demonstrated to the 805 underground dance community what "doin it for the love" is all about, having thrown and deejayed countless events strictly playing for the sheer love and energy toward music. DnG first started collecting vinyl as a small child even had a Turntable suitcase at the age of 6... In 1995 i took a foray into electronic dance music culture ... there has been no looking back and life couldn't be more fulfilling. - Tune in again....and again...
Member Since:May 15, 2011
Last Login:March 15, 2012
Location:Ventura, CA
Birthday:July 25
Music means to me:Music is my girlfriend
General Interests:Remixing, Freestying, Plagerism
Other Distractions:Dirt Bikes, Racing Machines, R/C Anything


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