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About me:Free flying, Funk Jiving Mutha - I get my grooves from the sun God. And i play guitar with the ever flowing Flow Tribe
Member Since:February 25, 2009
Last Login:September 4, 2012
Location:New Orleans, LA
Birthday:December 19
Music means to me:Symbolism in everything that exist and happens in my life. ANYTHING goes in the world of music. And a way for strangers to get along and help people come together. Art that you cannot deny is the realest and most soothing thing to vibrate against your tiny ear drum.
Schools:Gradumated - Southern Miss.
General Interests:other people's thoughts, the noises that come out of a guitar, being alive
Other Distractions:Playing with the Flow Tribe. The stars, moon, sunsets/rises, art, bike rides, frisbee tossing, exploring. All that exists above. Closing my eyes and trying to see music... it works.


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