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About me:DJEM (pronounced gem) is an up and coming band of many flavors. With thick Didgeridoo and percussive driven grooves, there is nothing else like them in the area. Djem features an All-Star lineup consisting of members from many bands from the Omaha area and it's music is organic & worldly. The group thrives on spontaneous improvisation that spawns from pre-existing beats and melodies. Expect all ki...nds of unexpected instruments and sounds, but don't expect the groove to stop. Djem is a band that will move anyone to the dance floor. The familiarity of the bands rhythms and sounds is reminiscent of earlier times and their deep appreciation for music from all cultures really comes through in their music. Only together for one year the band has been taking great strides, including appearances at Love Fest in the Midwest and Tribal Equinox as well as opening for national touring artist's such as Cornmeal, and The Werks and Regional acts like Blue Martian Tribe, Soap and Mouth . Catch them as soon as you can!

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Location:Omaha, NE
Birthday:January 6
Music means to me:Its everything around you, including you.


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