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About me:

"Eugene's local funk masters."

- Portland News Media


"Live or recorded, Disco Organica exceeds the expectations of any audience craving a modern twist on the history of groove."

- Eugene Weekly


"An up-beat, kaleidoscopic style of funk music."

- Flag Live

Member Since:December 31, 2006
Last Login:April 17, 2009
Location:Eugene, OR
Birthday:October 14
Music means to me:DO plays positive music drawing from a range of influences - a fusion of trip-hop, jazz, funk, soul, blues, drum'n'bass, and R&B. Always up for exploring grooves and improvising, DO's tunes meld genres and span styles from mellow, down-tempo jazz numbers to energetic schizo-funk, that is sometimes aggressive and always danceable.
Schools:Since forming in October of 2004, Disco Organica has gigged relentlessly at home in Eugene, Oregon and on the North and Southwest tour circuits.
General Interests:Continued study of music, practicing, love, peace, the great outdoors, politics, bio-fuel, renewable energy, coffee, travel, camping, tipping your bartenders, baristas, & servers, and moving you to shake what yo' momma gave you.


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