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About me:jumping off high cliffs, bike riding, playing guitar, playing bass, playing with myself, everything that is music!, my resting heartrate is 76, festivals, gatherings of people, organized chaos, choas, reorganization, alliteration, eliterate, annoying at times
Member Since:December 28, 2009
Last Login:January 13, 2010
Birthday:December 12
Music means to me:Screw String Theory, Music is The meaning of Everything! el universo was created for the sole purpose for music to exist. thank you God
Schools:Whitely Elementary, St Petersburg, Russia
General Interests:the woman, several beer, kerpluffkin, running fast, hunting women(not killing them),
Other Distractions:women, time is very distracting, neighbors, kerpluffkin, slippery riffs that slide seductively from the belly of the beast,


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