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About me:I grew up in Portland, Oregon. I love the outdoors, hiking skiing, rafting, laying down on some soft grass in the sun next to my beautiful girl.
Member Since:April 7, 2008
Last Login:January 6, 2009
Location:Portland, OR
Birthday:October 17
Music means to me:I play the didjeridu, the jazz guitar, hand drums, the Irish tin whistle, the Native American flute, and the Tibetan prayer bowls. I recently picked up this East Indian instrument called a Sruti Box... possibly one of the most psychedlic instruments ive ever played, next to the didge.

Music means everything to me.

It is part of human nature to be attracted to sound. Every culture, regardless of its geographic location, socio-economic status, literacy rate, or history, has some sort of music that is a product of it. This is why I feel that music is the most powerful and profound way to connect to people. Anyone who has ever joined into an impromptu jam or drum circle understands the connection between the participants; the subtle hints of a changing rhythm, the exchanges in nuances and improvisations. The collective energy is unequivocal. I truly believe that connecting to people is what life is all about. Understanding people and cultures other than your own is something that all humans should strive for.
Schools:Lincoln High School (Portland, OR,) University of San Francisco, University of Vermont
General Interests:Portland/Burlington area bands. Experimental, electronic, tribal, improvisational music.
Other Distractions:OREGON COUNTRY FAIR


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