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About me:Descending New Angels has been described as "perfecting the alt-rock ballad." They are frequently compared to bands like Nickelback, Staind, Creed, Pearl Jam and 3 Doors Down. DNA blends acoustic melodies and electric rock with a healthy dose of blues and pinch of grunge. Fans label it "blunge rock."

Their symphonic style draws the true concert goer and the vocalist's powerful delivery captures the audience. The lyrics of their songs don't go unnoticed either. A recent reviewer on Ourstage wrote "‘Break Me’ screams, not at you, but with you in its defiant message of ‘never give up’. This is one tight and powerful song. The front man conveys this inspiring and hopeful message with his biting guitar and ‘in your face’ vocals while the rest of the band literally steamrolls the song along in a perfectly coordinated attack."

Descending New Angels began as a duo in 1999, with composers Randy Shanks & Erik Simpson. They quietly wrote over 30 originals before their first public acoustical performances in early 2007. Later that year they added Keith Thurnau and Mike Titchenal and within a few months they were booking regularly at top St. Louis venues.

Descending New Angels recorded, distributed and sold their own demo CD's as they continued performing along the Mississippi River corridor and gaining a fan base.

In mid-2009 completed their first professional studio recording and will release their first full album August 21, 2009. With 50+ live shows, they've also developed a stage presence that has grabbed the crowd's attention even in the busiest clubs.

Over some years, Randy & Erik blended the lyrics from Randy's "Book of Poetry" into melodies with an interesting mix of acoustic & electric guitar. Randy & Erik began performing acoustical sets at parties in 2006 and local clubs in 2007.

Descending New Angels has been evolving since 2002, recently finding the right drummer (Keith) and bassist (Mike). With some 30+ original tunes, they are about to reach out for a bigger piece of the music world.

Randy's vocals are soulful and his command impressive. If you appreciate Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, Staind, 3 Doors Down, Dave Matthews Band, Stevie Ray Vaughn.
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Music means to me:Music is the blood in my veins, it streams through every cell of my being!

Music is the only language we can share universally; it unites us as one across the globe.

Music is therapy; it gives voice to the aches and jubilation deep within our souls.

As the words and melodies leave our hearts, we leave our fingerprints in the world around us.
Schools:The school of hard knocks.
General Interests:Jammin' and recording in the home studio!


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