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About me:I'm a pretty easy going guy. I just go with the flow most times but only as problems go. Anything else I try to make my own current. I'm in a band where I play rythm guitar, sing lead and back up, and bang away on the djembe.
Member Since:March 28, 2007
Last Login:November 3, 2007
Location:Norfolk, VA
Birthday:April 30
Music means to me:I listen to music that reflects my mood at the time which is why I listen to every thing from Black Label to Dispatch and Dash Board Confess. I think music is a way to exprass yourself so oll the bands that are just in it to write songs just because I don't listen to very often. if you are going to do something you sould do it all the way.
Schools:St. Marys Memorial High School in Ohio, Tristar Electronic Vocational School, and all the pointless training that the Navy gives me. When my enlistment is up in August I'm going to go to the Ohio Center Of Broadcasting to work on my dream of becoming a Radio DJ.


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